Santa is headed to River Hill today. Here is information on his parade route (10:00am – 11:15am):

10:00 – 10:10am
Claret Hall – 6020 Daybreak Circle drive around Village Center Parking lot.
Daylong Lane, Linden Linthicum Lane, Indian Summer Drive , & Fall Moon Ride

Great Star Drive, Summer Sunrise Drive and Red Clover Lane (via Trotter Road )

Trotter Road, South Wind Circle, back to Trotter Road

10:30 – 10:40am
Summer Sunrise Drive (from Trotter Road) to River Run (both ends)

10:40 – 10:50am
Empty Song Road, Ripe Apple Lane, Grateful Heart Gate and Quiet Night Ride

10:50 – 11:00am
Grace Drive, Cedar Lane, Guilford Road, Bright Memory Drive, Garden Walk to both ends, exit via Bright Memory to Guilford Road, Great Star Drive

11:00 -11:15am
Autumn Wind Circle, Onward Trail, Western Star Run (cross Great Star Drive ) to Eastern Star Way, Morning Time Lane, Eastern Star Way, Great Star Drive back to the Village Center parking lot.


Scott E