The next meeting for the Howard County Board of Education will be on December 7th at 3:00pm. On the agenda for that meeting is “ADMINISTRATION OF OATH OF OFFICE TO NEW BOARD MEMBERS (Wayne A. Robey, Clerk of Court)”.

Christina Delmont-Small and Jen Mallo remain on the Board after being reelected in 2020 (joining Vicky Cutroneo and Chao Wu and the current Student Board Member – Zachary Koung) and there will be three new members to the Board: Antonia Watts, Jolene Mosley and Yun Lu.

The first item this new board will address will be “ELECTION OF BOARD CHAIR AND VICE CHAIR”. I wrote about this item about a month ago “New Howard County Board of Education Members face first big hurdle after swearing in on December 7th“. There are rumors floating around social media about what might happen and I have seen many people make comments about those rumors and who they think should be the new Chair and Vice Chair of the Board. I believe a great number of people will be watching this first action of this Board very closely.

Another significant item on the agenda is “2020-2021 Board of Education Cluster Assignments (BOE) – ACTION”. I will be interested to see how this is designated between the Board Members now that 5 of the 7 members are elected by council district.

You can check BoardDocs for the full agenda for that meeting:

Something not on the agenda but I think people will be watching for is a discussion about virtual learning in the 3rd quarter…and will this new board direct the Superintendent to work on a hybrid plan going forward? As a reminder “Howard County Board of Education votes for HCPSS to remain virtual for quarter three of 2020-2021 school year” and during that meeting a vote to “delay a decision on the hybrid model for the second semester” was voted down and also to have the “Superintendent to look at other options for the hybrid model” was voted down by the current Board (both votes ending in a 4-4 tie…so they both failed).

We have seen the current Board not only bring up new items not on the agenda but make significant decisions and votes not on the agenda. Not sure if this new board will jump on this item right away…but it is possible and I have seen people calling for it to be addressed right away.

I am betting this meeting on the 7th will be watched by many in our community. I will be watching (at least early on).

Scott E