The official 2020 Howard County Public School System Enrollment report is online and it shows a total enrollment of 57,293 students. This is a decrease of 1,575 students reported in September of 2019 (58,868 students).

Here is a year by year chart based on the total enrollment reported by the Howard County Public School System:

Here are the numbers that made up that chart and the yearly change:


Here are links to the Official Enrollment Reports (via HCPSS website):

Noted in the FY2021 HCPSS Operating Budget:

Funding Commitments for New Enrollment Howard County’s student population continues to grow. For FY 2021, enrollment growth is projected to be 773 students, bringing the system total to 59,651. Of this growth, the K–12 student population is projected to grow by 726 students to a total of 58,244. Growth for the prekindergarten student population is projected to grow by 47 students to a total of 1,407. The total estimated budget cost for this new enrollment is $2.8 million.

As a some funding is related to the number of students this could make the next budget cycle even more difficult for the local school system (COVID-19 and the revenue reductions at the state on county will put a big strain on all budgets this upcoming budget season).

Future projections will be difficult as well as we have no idea when this pandemic will really be fully over and when kids are back in schools full time (which is a big factor in enrollment…at least I think so).

Scott E


  1. Wh? There should be some sort of explanation. How much of this is kindergarten kids not starting (waiting a year). How many of these kids moved? Did all 1500 choose home-schooling. Need some explanation.

  2. To the Above comment, When are we going to live up to our Name the United States of America, And not flee to our own little exclusive enclaves, children learn better when there is diversity!!!! This number probably reflects the fact that minority communities have been disproportionately affected by this Pandemic!!! And Howard County is very expensive!! A county and in educational system that should be the pride of American ( for its Diversity and inclusion) Might find itself just another conservative rich white town!! How Sad!!!

  3. To the above comment, being redistricted is a big change, going virtual is a big change. Being redistricted AND going virtual basically turns a kid’s world upside down. If the BOE had any compassion knowing that this year was likely to be all virtual, they would have postponed redistricting – it is not necessary for virtual instruction anyway.

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