The following was posted on the Houlihan’s (Elkridge, MD) Facebook page:

Thank you to all our guests who have supported us over the last 13+ years. We are honored to have been a part of your family dinners, your date nights and your many celebrations. Sadly, we must announce the permanent closure of Houlihan’s Columbia. A very special thank you to our extended family, the wonderful men and women who have worked tirelessly through this most difficult time to continue to bring great food and drink to our guests. Be well and stay safe.


A google search shows the following today:

Houlihan’s joins a growing list of bars and restaurants in Howard County that have announced closuring during this COVID-19 pandemic. Some other announcements covered on this blog include:

Given the current restrictions on bars and restaurants and the possibility of greater restrictions in the near future I would not be surprised to hear of similar announcements from other establishments.

Scott E