Weekly tracking charts of Coronavirus data in Howard County and Maryland – November 28th

Below are the weekly tracking charts in Howard County and Maryland I have been working on for some time now and some comments on the data this week. If interested in the data behind the charts I have this handy Google Sheet with the specifics of the data noted on the graphs in this article.

Here are the weekly tracking charts looking at the total number of reported cases in Maryland and Howard County:

Note – More than 14,000 new COVID-19 cases since last Saturday in Maryland.This is a slight decrease from last week but still the second highest total ever over a week.

Howard County had another increase in total number of new cases over a week and this (621 new cases) now represents the highest number of cases in one week since the beginning of this pandemic (as I am tracking it from Sunday to Saturday).

Here are the weekly tracking charts of the number of deaths in Maryland and in Howard County (I still believe that this should be a critical metric to watch closely going forward):

Note – The number of reported deaths due to COVID-19 went over 100 for the week for the second time since back in June. The rising numbers here are most concerning of all of the numbers this week.

9 deaths due to COVID-19 was reported in Howard County over the past week. This is a significant spike locally.

Here is the weekly tracking chart of hospitalizations (“ever hospitalized”) in Maryland:


Note – The number of Hospitalizations “ever hospitalized” hit an all time high (as I am tracking it) over the past week. This number has been skyrocketing upward for some time.

Here is the weekly tracking numbers for new ICU and Acute Hospital Beds for COVID-19, Currently in Use:

Note – this tracking has been noted as critical for Maryland. The number of “beds in use” had another significant increase over the past week and we now have 8 consecutive weeks of increasing “beds in use” numbers. We are now seeing the type of “beds in use” numbers the state saw back in May of 2020.

Howard County is reporting 45 beds in use due to COVID-19. This is now three weeks of rising numbers locally and one of the highest reported numbers ever in Howard County (I believe 47 beds in use on May 7th and November 25th is the highest per the HoCo Dashboard).

Here is the weekly tracking of number of people tested weekly across the state (looking at positive cases and people testing negative):

Note – Total testing (as I am tracking it by persons testing positive and persons testing negative) went above 110,000 for the week across the state. This is the highest number noted in my chart (as I am tracking it). The pre-Thanksgiving rush to get tested was real and many reported long lines this past week at many testing locations.

People testing positive (as I am tracking it by persons testing positive and persons testing negative) has fallen to 13.01%. Again…I know this is a different number than what the state is putting out (as they are looking at total tests positive and I am looking at “people” testing positive vs negative). I have added the positivity % reported by the state (6.38% over the past week) to this chart above (in blue).

I have a chart showing the state reported number and the Howard County reported number in a separate chart below. Howard County finished this week just under 5% (4.95%).

Next week I will release my first ever Monthly Tracking Charts of COVID-19 data in Maryland and Howard County. Here is a preview of one of the charts in advance of that upcoming article (remember that the November numbers are not final until November 30th):

Here are important links with data on Coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers:

Here is a site to watch for information on Maryland cases: https://phpa.health.maryland.gov/Pages/Novel-coronavirus.aspx

Here is the site to keep an eye on in Howard County for updates: https://www.howardcountymd.gov/Departments/Health/MM-Alerts-and-Recalls

This is a good site to keep up to date with the latest coronavirus updates worldwide:  (Worldometer) https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ or (Johns Hopkins) https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html.

I have a Google spreadsheet for tracking some of the daily Maryland and Howard County numbers and my weekly numbers:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OVZO0oIaEC__KXZ9LwtnhawO1NhdqE78VJ9Hd5LCQ0k/edit?usp=sharing

Note: Daily COVID-19 updates going forward will only happen when something significant needs to be reported during the week. Weekly weekend charts will continue to happen on Saturday or Sunday (depending on my schedule and the timing of the release of the information). New Monthly charts will begin in early December. 


Scott E

One comment

  1. RT-PCR tests for COVID-19 are not used for detecting infections, severity of viral shedding, live virus, or the quantity of the virus in individuals testing positive. We know viral shedding is low and even more commonly non-existent in people that do not have symptoms. Why are we using PCR tests to infer some sort of “state” of the virus calling them cases?

    If cases mean the number of people that have a positive PCR test that is fine. However, cases are not representative of infections, live virus, viral shedding, or the quantity of virus loads.

    It would be helpful to provide a disclaimer stating cases do not mean representation of infections, live virus, viral shedding, or quantities of viral SARS-COV-2 loads. A disclaimer will be helpful to inform people of what SARS-COV-2 RT-PCR is actually testing.

    If people are actually interested in infections, RT-PCR needs to be married with antigen tests to determine actual infectious cases. We marry PCR with antigen tests for influenza and HIV. Who determined that is was reasonable to only use PCR for SARS-COV-2 to determine “cases”?


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