Tonight (November 19th) is the final night for late night dining and drinking across the state of Maryland (and yes here in Howard County) for a while. The Emergency Order from Governor Hogan starting tomorrow (November 20th at 5:00pm) states “10 PM CLOSURE FOR BARS AND RESTAURANTS STATEWIDE. All bars, restaurants, and venues serving food and alcohol must close between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., except for the purposes of carryout and delivery.”

Given the rising COVID-19 numbers across the state and here locally, with the holiday season upon us, with contract tracing showing that a significant issue is from “family or close friends makes up much of our cases” one might assume we will be in this mode for a while if not even seeing additional rollbacks in the near future.

Some jurisdictions across the state not only have the statewide restrictions on time but also local rules about capacity limits:

Green = 50% capacity for indoor dining
Yellow = 25% capacity for indoor dining (Baltimore City, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and in Anne Arundel County starting tomorrow).


Here is the latest information I have on the local restrictions:

Remember if you do make it out and about tonight for late night food and/or drinks (or any day or night going forward)…follow all of the rules related to the wearing of masks, social distancing, no standing or dancing in bars and the other rules related to establishments being open today. Be safe and help stop the spread of this virus. We can all do our part.

I would also recommend taking good care of your servers and bartenders when out and about in those establishments. Many of these businesses may be rolling back staffing and/or hours for staff with the new restrictions on time or capacity. Remember these are real people that need the income from these establishments and some may be facing some hard times with these rollbacks on this industry.

Scott E