Howard County Councilmembers Christiana Rigby and Liz Walsh recently sent out the following tweets in support of the Howard County, Maryland Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB):

I am guessing these tweets were in response to “Howard County Councilmember David Yungmann comments on the Board of Education decision for HCPSS to remain in a virtual environment for the 3rd quarter” and the significant number of social media comments made on various social media platforms.


The online comments directly attacking the SMOB were disappointing. I am glad to see elected officials show support for that member of the Board. I think we can disagree with votes and decisions without directly attacking someone.

Those posing questions about the voting power of the Student Member of the Board in certain situations seemed reasonable (to me). While possibly controversial those questions did not seem out of line given the significance of what the Board is dealing with during this pandemic.

If you have thoughts on this topic let me know in the comments.

I will keep an eye out for additional statements from other Howard County Councilmembers to keep my readers up to date (as best I can). If you see something you think I should know…always feel free to reach out.

Scott E


  1. It was very disturbing seeing all the people who attacked a supporter of Jen Mallo’s for supposedly using a bullhorn to “yell at a child” during campaigning, to then turn around and spew hatred at another child without a single ounce of self awareness. The pandemic is real and wanting to get your kids out of the house shouldn’t trump their safety. Proud of the SMOB for voting his conscience and keeping the kids at home while the numbers continue to rise out of control with a vaccine still many, many months away from widespread distribution.

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