The following was posted by Sezin Palmer on November 13th:

Dear Friends,

It’s been a long, rough road over the past year, and we have reached the end of our journey. I am disappointed in the outcome of the election, but I think it reflects what we all recognized about this race from the beginning: we have differing views across our community on our approach to governing HCPSS and we saw that clearly in the election results.

I believe that we sent a strong message to our elected leaders that so many of us want to see more accountability and transparency from our BOE and that our children’s educational outcomes need to be at the top of the list of priorities moving forward. Our efforts did make a difference.


I am hopeful our newly elected BOE will strive to bring our community together and work to be inclusive of all voices and needs across our county. Congratulations to Ms. Mallo on her re-election. We spent many cold and wet days together at the polls, and I trust she will work hard to represent all of D4.

Congratulations to all of the successful candidates during this election – Ms. Delmont-Small, Ms.Watts, Ms. Mosely, Ms. Mallo and Dr. Lu worked hard to secure their wins, and I look forward to their efforts to engage constructively as a new Board, along with Ms. Cutroneo and Dr. Wu, to ensure every child receives an outstanding education in HCPSS.

To my fellow candidates who did not win – Mr. Molyett, Ms. Valliancourt, Mr. Pretlow and Mr.Heffner – thank you for your dedication to our county and our communities and for your willingness to stand up and fight for our students, families and educators.

It has truly been a pleasure getting to know each of you and I recognize, even though we may have differing views, that we all want what’s best for our county and our public education system.

This has been an incredible journey, and I am deeply grateful for the new friendships I’ve made along the way, the amazing talent I’ve been able to work with and learn from, and the dedication and support from so many of you over the course of the campaign. You have my sincere respect and admiration and I appreciate your passion and perseverance in standing with me throughout this journey.

Our campaign could not have been nearly as successful without critical partnerships and endorsements from so many community groups. CAPA-PAC – you are an unbelievable force in this community and your generous financial contributions and dedicated investment of hundreds of hours of individual time toward our campaign is something I could not have imagined when I first received your endorsement. I am grateful for your dedication to our cause to improve educational outcomes for every child and for your relentless efforts to engage our community. Thank you for your confidence in me. IONHoCo and FEI – you were steadfast in your support and I am deeply grateful for your endorsements and engagement with our community to move forward our shared goals. And The People’s Voice – your support and endorsement for the Ethics Ballot is something I will always cherish as the values you focus on – community interests over special interests – are near and dear to my heart. I sincerely appreciate all that each of you personally and organizationally provided over the course of our campaign. We absolutely could not have done it without you.

And to my unbelievable campaign team and volunteers – I cannot thank you enough for your energy, dedication and all the hard work and countless hours you put into supporting our efforts over the past year. It was a tough road but you never backed down and never gave up. You were far more than a group of individuals who wanted to help us win – you were the foundation of our entire campaign, the motivation to continue through the most challenging times, and the light that kept us moving forward toward our goal no matter what hurdles we encountered along the way. You inspired me on a daily basis with your outpouring of support and encouragement and knowing that I had you by my side enabled me to continue moving forward no matter what. I cannot express the extent of my appreciation for your support and friendship along the way. I am so deeply grateful for you.

I look forward to continuing our efforts to improve our educational system and to ensure the voice of every member of our community is heard. Let us continue to work together to bring unity and respect to our communities and across the county. Please don’t give up and please continue working to make our county and HCPSS the best it can be. Be safe and stay well.

My very best,


Scott E