Per the Capital Gazette “Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman will announce new coronavirus restrictions at a Thursday morning news conference“. This would make Anne Arundel County the third jurisdiction to make new COVID-19 restrictions during the rising COVID-19 cases in Maryland (Baltimore City and Montgomery County). Here are articles about Baltimore City and MoCo:

You can see the total number of cases for surrounding jurisdictions in the image at the top of this article (or here on the state dashboard)…so I decided to look at the 7 day rolling average of positivity rate on November 11th (as reported by the Maryland Department of Health) for the counties surrounding Howard County: (Bolded counties below have or will implement additional COVID-19 restrictions)

  • Howard County: 4.52%
  • Baltimore City: 6.08%
  • Montgomery County: 4.48%
  • Anne Arundel County: 5.95%
  • Prince George’s County: 6.76%
  • Baltimore County: 6.28%
  • Carroll County: 4.24%
  • Frederick County: 4.87%

The state positivity rate reported on November 11th is 5.6%.

I am keeping a close eye on announcements from Howard County and other surrounding counties in case further area restrictions are announced.

Scott E

ARTICLE UPDATE: Anne Arundel County Acts to Limit COVID-19 Surge