Scott E will interview Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary (District 13) on some of the proposed legislation coming forward in 2021. This interview will take place on November 11th at 3:00pm. This interview will be live streamed on Scott E’s Blog Facebook page. Here is the Facebook Event (in case you need a reminder like I normally do):

The two things I am most interested in learning more about include:

Howard County – Howard County Board of Education – School Safety Personnel, Ho. Co. 10-21
By: Delegate Atterbeary

FOR the purpose of requiring the Howard County Board of Education to develop a plan to implement certain school safety guidelines that does not assign school resource officers to public schools in Howard County and uses adequate local law enforcement coverage to implement the guidelines; and generally relating to school safety personnel in Howard County.

Howard County – Fee–in–Lieu of Moderate-Income Housing Units – Prohibition, Ho. Co. 12-21
By: Delegate Atterbeary

FOR the purpose of prohibiting Howard County from authorizing payment of a fee–in–lieu of a requirement under local law that a developer provide moderate–income housing units in a new residential development project; and generally relating to moderate–income housing unit requirements in Howard County.

See all proposed legislation from the Howard County Delegation for 2021 here:

If you have any questions…be sure to email those to me at and I will see if I can fit those into this interview on Wednesday.

Scott E


  1. Several of these bills are repeats from last session. I believed then as I do now, that these bills are usurping the sanctity of local control of our schools. The one by Senator Lam that wants to dictate how the BOE runs its meetings is outrageous and hardly belongs in the Annotated Code of Maryland.

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