My 4th COVID-19 test in Howard County came back negative

I was recently informed that someone that I had been in the “vicinity of” had tested positive for COVID-19. In order to be safe I went to get tested.

I went to the Savage Fire Station for my test (because you do not need a doctors order or an appointment – plus it is a drive thru and I can stay in my vehicle to take the test). I was the only vehicle in line when I arrived and the test was quick (was over in just a few minutes).

I received my result this time around in 3 days (took the test Wednesday and got the result Saturday). The result was negative. This is the 4th COVID-19 test I have taken (once in July, twice in August and now once in November) and all have come back negative.

I am writing this article to explain how easy it is to get tested in Howard County and the turn around time for results.

As we see the number of cases significantly on the rise right now I can not recommend highly enough to go get tested if you have been around anyone that has tested positive. It is easy, free and will give you that peace of mind that all is good (or at least at the time you get tested).

Here is a list of testing locations in Howard County:

Here are some helpful reminders I took from the Howard County Health Department and the Maryland Department of Health Twitter accounts:

Scott E

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