Howard County candidate statements about the 2020 election results

Below is a listing of public statements (that I have seen) from candidates in Howard County about the 2020 election results.

Article Last updated on 11/5/20

District 1:

Christina Delmont-Small: (post)

Thank you to the many supporters, volunteers, and voters who made last night’s win possible. During the campaign, I’ve gotten to know so many more of you and have heard about your experiences and expectations of our Board and school system. Working together is the only way that we will be able to do what is best for our children.

There are so many people, many more than I can name, who made it possible for me to remain on the Board. The tireless efforts of our volunteers and supporters who informed voters about my continued commitment to our students clearly resonated with our community. Thank you all, especially my campaign manager, Chris Oxenham, for his dedication to the campaign and his steadfast belief that we can do better for our students. Thank you CAPA PAC, FEI, IONHoCo, and the People’s Voice for their endorsements and support. And of course, thank you to my husband and children for standing by me in a job that takes so much time away from them.

I’m honored the voters in District 1 have elected me to represent them on the Board of Education. I will continue to fight to include your input into decisions of the Board and HCPSS, no matter where you live in Howard County. Although Board members are now elected by district, decisions of the Board must ensure that all HCPSS students receive the education they need and that our decisions sustain the school system now and in the future. If we have a community that doesn’t feel like their input matters, then we fail as a Board.

This election also serves as a reminder that we should not politicize public education – a non-partisan Board is extremely important as we move forward. It is the Board’s responsibility to put education before politics to ensure a successful future for our students.

Matthew Moylett: (post)

Obviously I’m disappointed, but we have bright lights to be looking toward.

Congratulations to Quincy Coleman For Judge and Jen Mallo for HCPSS Board of Education for your hard earned, likely victories. These next two weeks will be long ones. Take solace in the fact that you performed so well in the votes counted By Mail so far and your margins are likely to increase.

My friends, Jolene Mosley for Howard County Board of Education and Antonia Watts for HCPSS Board of Education, it was a long climb to reach this point, but you have summited! Enjoy this month as you rest up on what is really a plateau. My journey with you has ended, I cannot serve alongside you. You are both so qualified and so prepared. You will do fantastic.

This has been quite a trip, and Christina Delmont-Small – Board of Education ended it in the lead. Well done.

It has been nice to meet you Dr. Yun Lu for HoCo BOE. Congratulations on your victory and best of luck on the board.
Let us reflect on that immortal line from Hamilton: “Ah, winning was easy, [folks], governing’s harder”. I wish you all luck in your service.

Larry Pretlow II for HoCo District 2, Cindy Vaillancourt for HoCo BOE, Friends of Sezin Palmer let’s toast the victors and reflect on the highlights of this year’s campaign season.

District 2:

Antonia Watts (post)

We did it! We won our race. I am so happy and humbled that so many gave their time, energy, and donations to support my campaign. Thank you! I promise to write a much more sappy thank you but, today, let’s enjoy this moment.

Larry Pretlow (posted on his website)


Firstly, congratulations to Antonia Barkley Watts, who received 71.2% in the HoCo BOE District 2 race. I wish you the best in service to our community.

Special thanks to TEAM PRETLOW! Together we received 28.1% (6,634 votes) – what an accomplishment despite the odds stacked against us by the political establishment that has hijacked and politicized our children’s education.

However, this moment belongs to Antonia and the families of District 2. I encourage my supporters to embrace Antonia, and I humbly ask that she embraces you and institutes a working relationship that serves you well.

Clearly, the support I received (including in the primary) in this race indicates a set of beliefs, challenges, and experiences in District 2 that Antonia must acknowledge. I caution, don’t be blindsided by the majority, but hear and connect with every family’s cries so that we lift all voices and support every child. We have to ensure that schools in their neighborhoods can meet their individual needs.

Lastly, I ask that she not be led by her political affiliation but by the people. I have full confidence in Antonia that she will work to serve us well.

Again, congratulations!

Thank You’s

I want to thank my supporters in Oakland Mills, who stuck with me through two elections in our community. I will always be thankful for your support!

A special congratulations to my friend Dr. Yun Lu, who pulled off an impressive victory in District 5.

I am very excited to see that Christina Delmont-Small was successful in her campaign to continue her outstanding service to the families and children of Howard County. Thank you, CDS.

A special acknowledgment to my friend Sezin Palmer, I am very proud of your campaign. Thank you for always being a friend.

I have to thank my good friend L.T.W. who has supported me since I ran for the statehouse, no matter my political affiliation. I will always appreciate you.

Special thanks to Yajan and DeRonte, who both worked extremely hard to keep things in order!

I want to congratulate Jolene Mosley in District 3. I am very proud of you.

I will be taking time to do so some living. I’ve been running for public office since I was 19 years old. At 31, I am focused on a bright future and walking in my truth.

I got into this race for working families and every child in Howard County. Please put HoCo’s children first and remove the politics from the conversation about education in their neighborhoods.

This is the end of this chapter in my life.

– Larry

District 3:

Jolene Mosley:

I have not seen a public statement about the election results on this Facebook page as of this post.

District 4:

Jen Mallo: (post)

Howard Countians,

Thank you for coming out to polls, mailing in your ballot, dropping your ballots off at the ballot boxes. I am looking forward to having every vote counted and all voices heard.

I am indebted to the hard work of my volunteers, supporters, and family in this election. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Our team is cautiously optimistic as we wait for all mail-in ballots to be counted. I currently have a little more than a 1,000-vote lead.

Here is the canvass schedule:

Thursday November 5, 2020 – Opening/Scanning of Mail-In Ballots – Lake Elkhorn Gymnasium & Board of Elections Office
Sunday November 8, 2020 – Opening/Scanning of Mail-In Ballots – Lake Elkhorn Gymnasium & Board of Elections Office
Thursday November 12, 2020 @ 9:00 AM – Provisional Canvass & Opening/Scanning of Mail-In Ballots – Lake Elkhorn Gymnasium & Board of Elections Office
Friday November 13, 2020 – Opening/Scanning of Mail-In Ballots – Lake Elkhorn Gymnasium & Board of Elections Office

Dates are subject to change at any time due to workload and/or availability of resources. Please monitor this website for up-to-date information on canvassing of ballots in Howard County.

Sezin Palmer (post)

We had a great day at the polls today, leading in early voting and Election Day voting! We have some ground to make up with mail-in voting but hope to close the gap after canvassing mail-in ballots this week. I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing support throughout the campaign and for so generously giving of your time the past 8 days at the polls – the results speak for themselves!!! We should have an update on Thursday after canvassing the ballots received over the last several days – stay tuned for more info then and thank you again for your support!

District 5

Yun Lu (post)

I want to thank all of you for your vote, encouragement, and support! Thank you for running up very long and steep driveways to deliver my campaign doorhangers. Thank you for holding up signs at polling stations. Thank you for reaching out to your friends. Thank you for the generous donations. Thank you for the encouraging words. Thank you for the countless hours spent staying engaged in this BOE election.

It has been a great pleasure getting to know Cindy Vaillancourt during this election cycle. Cindy has a tremendous depth of experience and insights, and she will be helping me as an advisor to familiarize me with the BOE duties.

Thank you Matthew Moylett, Larry Pretlow, Tom Heffner, Sezin Palmer, Cindy Vaillancourt for running.

Congratulations to Christina Delmont-Small, Antonia Barkley Watts, Jolene Mosley, and Jen Mallo. Looking forward to working with you on the board. Howard County is one big family. Let’s work together to make HoCo a better home for all of us, for all the children.

Cindy Vaillancourt (post)

There are more votes to count, but I think it is safe to say the D5 contest has been decided. The final numbers will be posted next week.

I wholeheartedly congratulate Dr. Yun Lu on her decisive victory.
The new BOE members have a LOT of very difficult work ahead of them. I wish them all the best, and ask that all HoCo citizens give them your support, encouragement, engagement, and most of all, respectful treatment.

I am confident that Dr. Lu will be a very responsive and conscientious public servant.

Judge of the Circuit Court – Howard County

Quincy Coleman (post)

We are still waiting for the election results to be fully counted and certified. In the meantime…I will just say THANK YOU regardless of the final outcome.

Thank you to all of you who supported me through contributing your hard-earned money/resources/time, for standing in the cold at the polls for me, for helping me put up signs, distribute materials, for allowing me to put signs on your property, for liking/sharing my posts on social media, for calling/texting me inspiring words of encouragement, for helping me get the word out to the larger community that I am here to help ensure equal justice and NOT AFRAID to take a stand… To all of you, again, I say THANK YOU!!!

Judge John Kuchno

I have not seen a public statement about the election results on this Facebook page as of this post.

That is the listing of statements I have seen as of this morning (November 5th). I will keep an eye out for additional statements and provide updates in the future.

To track the 2020 election results be sure to visit this page:

2020 Howard County Election Results

Scott E

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