Local Howard County Blog – Scott E’s Blog – exceeds 1 million page views in 2020

I am taking a minute to celebrate a small accomplishment today. Scott E’s Blog in Howard County has now exceeded 1 million pages views for the year in 2020. This is a nice accomplishment (I think so) for my local little blog.

Here are the past page views I have been tracking since launching the blog in 2014:

  • 2014: 18,948 views
  • 2015: 26,631 views
  • 2016: 38,547 views
  • 2017: 52,937 views
  • 2018: 127,900 (old site) + 69,467 (new site): 197,367 views
  • 2019: 519,463 views
  • 2020: Over 1 million page views in 2020

View more information on page views and advertising options on the blog here: https://scotteblog.com/advertise/

No question my reporting of COVID-19 numbers in Howard County, local election information, Gordon Ramsey visiting Ellicott City and crime information from HCPD in Howard County and a number of other topics have lead the way in page views in 2020. I will have more on the top page views in 2020 late in December.

Scott E’s Blog has won the “Best of Howard County” blog award over the past two years. Learn more here:

I love my hobby and being a source of information for our community. I always love the positive feedback from readers. I am still a little surprised that this county does not have a more local news entity…and while I can never be that on my own…I try and fill in with information where I can for our community.

I hope you continue to read the blog going forward for local information and continue to send me suggestions for articles on the blog. I try and get to as many as I can for the community.

As always…THANK YOU ALL for reading this blog.

Scott E

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