Here are your local election results in Howard County on November 3rd:

Howard County Board of Education

District 1: Delmont-Small vs Molyett

Note – I think it is safe to call this for Delmont-Small. While many “political people and entities” tried hard to make this a race this is a convincing win in District 1 for Delmont-Small.

District 2: Watts vs Pretlow, II

Note – Watts won this race. There is no question of that today. Watts deserved this win and it was not a surprise.

District 3: Mosley vs (well nobody at the end of the day…but Heffner was on the ballot)

Note – I am happy for Mosley. She got my vote and the votes from others in my household. My hope is that she takes the analytical view on issues on not the political view many have seen in some promotions of her campaign this election cycle. I expect this is the one candidate I will watch the most closely going forward (as this is my district) on the Board of Education.

District 4: Mallo vs Palmer vs Hotopp (write-in candidate)

Note – While Mallo only holds a slight lead (less than 1,100+ votes) I think it might hold up. Interesting that in person voting all went for Palmer (Early Voting and Election Day voting). Makes you wonder what would have happened in a normal election cycle. There is still canvasing going on in Howard County between November 5th and November 13th for mail in ballots…but I expect those to trend to Mallo…and this is the one race to continue to watch going forward (in case I am wrong). If things begin to trend in another direction I will be sure to update my readers.

District 5: Lu vs Vaillancourt 

Note – Honestly the results of this race are the biggest surprise to me. Not that Yun Lu will win…but the margin between the two candidates is a bit surprising. Honestly you have to wonder if the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) flyer that listed Cindy Vaillancourt as a “Democrat” (mailed to voters in Howard County…in a big way if you look at the numbers) did not hurt her chance to win this election cycle? By the way…she is not….it was just a mistake by that entity…but maybe a big one in a local Howard County race in District 5.

Judge of the Circuit Count in Howard County:

Note – I am not sure this race is over…but it is close if not. I think a lot of people thought this might go to the other candidate….but Coleman had the Democrat machine in Howard County behind him (plus having a mailer funded by FanDuel and DraftKings for you does not hurt)…and he also had ton of support from supporters at polling locations (that was pretty impressive from what I saw when I was out and about).

I will have more information as more data is released….and as candidates make public statements.

Scott E


  1. Wait what???
    District 4 and the Judge vote election results just dont make any sense. They are statistically inconsistent.
    Notice all other races have the Mail in vote reflect the actual Election Day Vote down to the ratio, yet for those 2 races, they are not only so out of whack, they fly in the face of the conventional votes.
    If I was in either candidates campaign team, I would demand a review of these election results. Its just so obvious anyone with basic statistic knowledge can see they are suspect. And yes, those 2 seats hold significant sway.

    • Just because you don’t like the results doesn’t make them untrue. Please explain to me how all the other races were run properly, but the ones you don’t like were not? Considering the political leanings of those supporting Mallo and Coleman, it doesn’t surprise me there were so many more mail in votes. It sounds to me like you spent too much time in the Sezin Palmer bubble to see what residents of D4 wanted.

  2. Actually, from a statistical standpoint, I’ll disagree. In every race listed, the candidate more associated with the Democratic Party did relatively better in mail-in voting than in early or Election Day voting. That doesn’t mean they won the mail in vote. Look at District 5. Lu has almost twice as many early votes, more than twice as many Election Day votes, but only at 65% advantage in mail-in votes. Vaillaincourt was on the mailer, regardless of her actual affiliation (or whether it should matter for school board). Similar results in District 1. Delmont-Small has more than twice as many early and Election Day votes, but only a 54% advantage in mail-in. The Democratic Party really plugged the mail-in voting, so seeing their votes there is not really a surprise. Relatively, they do better with mail-in than in-person for every race.

  3. This is ridiculous. Mr. Coleman did not have extensive democratic support at all. He had to make it through the primaries to even be given a look. Any support was given at the absolute last minute. There was no machine sir. There were friends and family members who work day jobs who are very talented. We literally donated our time and talents for the better part of a year for a dream and a chance. No parties have been enriched through a relationship with the campaign. The experience was the sole motivation and enrichment. Additionally, He did not have the financial means in the campaign to donate to any sample ballots. Stop insinuating unethical behavior. I think it needs to be said that you cannot doubt the power of grassroots campaigning. You cannot. Why would you doubt that Mr. Coleman’s campaign could have poll coverage? I made time and I am a busy professional , wife and mother. You make time for people and causes that you have a strong belief. I am sure Mr. Kuchno has other opportunities what he can pursue and this not the sole avenue for his talents to be utilized. No matter the outcome, I wish both candidates well in their professional pursuits and hope this experience has aided in their growth.

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