According to the Maryland State Board of Elections website 60,715 votes have been cast during early voting in Howard County.

  • Day 1: 11,580 votes cast
  • Day 2: 10,069 votes cast
  • Day 3: 9,945 votes cast
  • Day 4: 7,387 votes cast
  • Day 5: 7,655 votes cast
  • Day 6: 3,393 votes cast
  • Day 7: 3,583 votes cast
  • Day 8: 6,879 votes cast

Here is the county by county chart:

Here is the breakdown by councilmanic district:

Voters in District 5 are lead the way in total votes cast during early voting and in % of eligible voters (of course this does not include the numbers for the 88,000+ mail-in votes from Howard County yet). Voters in District 3 had the lowest votes cast and shockingly District 4 had the lowest % turnout.

Here is the breakdown by voting location:

Long Reach High School was the popular location to vote early in 2020 with the most votes cast each day of early voting. Wilde Lake High School has had the least early votes cast in early voting. One has to wonder if the drama at that location is part of the reason.

In 2016 Howard County voters cast 59,054 votes during early voting in the General Election:

Here are some “Things to know about voting on Election Day in Howard County“. If you have not voted…get out and vote.

Scott E