I have continued to track the total vote counts (early voting plus mail-in votes cast) in Maryland and Howard County. Here is the latest numbers for each jurisdiction in Maryland as reported by the State Board of Elections:

Leading the way in total votes cast to date:

  1. Montgomery County
  2. Prince George’s County
  3. Baltimore County
  4. Anne Arundel County
  5. Baltimore City

note – Howard County ranks 6th

Leading the way in total turnout (% of eligible voters):

  1. Howard County (62.99%)
  2. Talbot County (62.28%)
  3. Montgomery County (62.25%)
  4. Queen Anne’s County (57.76%)
  5. Garrett County (56.60%)

You can view the data for early voting turnout by county here: https://elections.maryland.gov/press_room/2020_stats/EarlyVoting%20by%20County%20-%20PG20.pdf

You can view the data for mail-in ballots counts by county here:  https://elections.maryland.gov/press_room/2020_stats/Absentees%20Sent%20and%20Returned%20by%20County.PDF

Scott E