Photos from Day 6 of Early Voting in Howard County at Long Reach High School and Reservoir High School

Today I made it out to vote. I think it is important to make our voices heard in every election and was happy to be able to do that today (was in and out in just a few minutes during early voting).

I took just a little time to visit two early voting locations: Long Reach High School (where I voted) and Reservoir High School. I was at both locations between 8:00am and 9:00am

I was interested to see how many candidates I would see today…here are the ones I saw while out and about at those locations:

  • Quincy Coleman (at Long Reach)

Note – to be fair…it was early in the morning. I know I wake up around 4:30am everyday…I still do not understand why others do not as well…LOL!!!

Here are the photos I took today: (click image below to view all photos)

I hope to make it out to the 5th voting location (Marriotts Ridge High School)…but given my schedule I am not sure that will be possible. I will still give it my best effort.

I will continue to put out additional photos on Scott E’s Blog Facebook page as I get time.

I hope to see you when I am out and about.

Scott E

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