Howard County voters have been turning out in record numbers.  No matter what we look like or where we come from, most of us believe that everyone counts and that every vote must be counted.  Likewise, community activists all across America have been working to get out the vote in record numbers, combat voting disinformation, and ensure that states administer fair elections.

However, this election is unprecedented. As the votes trickle in, official tabulation of election results may take days or even longer, and we are unlikely to know the winner on election night.  That’s why we are also preparing to respond if anyone tries to prematurely declare victory and to ensure that every vote in every state is counted.

IndivisibleHoCoMD is working with Our Revolution Howard County and other groups to organize a non-partisan, peaceful protest to be convened, if necessary, on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 5:00 p.m. at the Downtown Columbia Trail bordering Symphony Woods Park (along Little Patuxent Parkway).  Our aim is to help deliver a democracy where everyone counts and every vote is counted this Election Season. More information will be forthcoming if a decision is made to activate the protests.

With every tweet lying about mail-in voting and every time he refuses to commit to accepting the legitimate results of the 2020 election, Trump seeks to stoke chaos and fear. He’s spent his entire presidency undermining Americans’ confidence in this election and sowing doubt about the results.

Should any presidential candidate declare victory before all the votes are counted, refuse to concede after losing, or otherwise attempt to undermine the results, we will be part of millions of Americans who mobilize through nonviolent “Count Every Vote” protests to demand that every vote is counted.

IndivisibleHoCoMD and Our Revolution Howard County are members of Protect the Results – a network of over 100 bipartisan groups and grassroots organizations concerned about Donald Trump’s efforts to sow doubt about the election and his continued refusal to say if he will accept the results.


Scott E


  1. Scott,
    I’m very disappointed in your Democrat leaning attitude, after claiming non partisan attitude.
    Consequently, I will cancel subscribing to your blog.

      • Hey “normal people” , who gave you a certificate of normality?!? At least I have the guts to sign my note, not hide behind a mask … anything but “normal “ ….

        • I don’t understand… Why WOULDN’T you want every vote counted, whether Democrat or Republican?

          Tim Kavanagh

    • Dan, I am a Republican voter who hates everything to do with Indivisible but Scott is not showing bias in this article. He just reposted the announcement word for word without any changes and didn’t give his opinion on the topic. On that note many democrats hate Scott for holding crazy people like Molyett accountable. This isn’t his opinion on the situation. Hope this clarifies the situation.

  2. How are we supposed to know it’s a direct quote from the organization? Scott signed his name at the bottom…sure looks like “his” words based on how it’s displayed here.

  3. Concessions generally occur before every vote has been counted when the final result is all but certain. How does demanding concessions lead to counting every vote?

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