31,818 votes cast through day 3 of early voting in Howard County

According to the Maryland State Board of Elections website 31,818 votes have been cast during early voting in Howard County.

  • Day 1: 11,580 votes cast
  • Day 2: 10,069 votes cast
  • Day 3: 9,945 votes cast

Here is the county by county chart: https://elections.maryland.gov/press_room/2020_stats/EarlyVoting%20by%20County%20-%20PG20.pdf

Here is the breakdown by councilmanic district: https://elections.maryland.gov/press_room/2020_stats/EarlyVoting%20%20by%20Councilmanic%20District%20-%20PG20.pdf

Voters in District 5 are leading the way in total votes cast during early voting and in % of eligible voters (of course this does not include the numbers for the 77,000+ mail-in votes from Howard County yet).

In 2016 through day 3 of early voting Howard County voters cast 23,286 votes:  https://elections.maryland.gov/press_room/2016_stats/PG16%20EarlyVoting%20by%20County.pdf

I will continue to track and report this data on the blog as the data is released by the state.

Scott E

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