Kimberly Klacik (candidate for Representative in Congress in District 7) held a campaign event at Union Jack’s in Columbia on October 21st.

Here is information from a post on the campaign Facebook page about the event:

130 people in enemy territory tonight. Thank you, Columbia, MD!
The energy is there. The desire for safe neighborhoods, a better education system & higher paying jobs has created voter unrest.
This will be the biggest upset in history 🇺🇸

I was unable to attend and cover the event due to other commitments I had yesterday. Here are a few notes and thoughts I had after seeing this post:

  • It is always good to see candidates (no matter the party) running in congressional districts make their way into Howard County to hold campaign events. This does not happen often enough. I will say that the Klacik campaign has held a number of events in Howard County during the Primary and General election cycles.
  • During the General Special Election (back in April 2020) Klacik received more than 17,000 votes from Howard County (38.1%). This was county she did best in that special election (Baltimore County: 35.0% and Baltimore City: 5.6%).
  • I am a little surprised that given the number of people noted that attended that this event was not held outdoors. Restaurants are still under very strict rules with the reopening guidelines in Maryland. While capacity has been extended to 75% there are still rules about the wearing of masks, standing in the bar area and social distancing guidelines. The photos published (or at least the one in the upper right) seem to be violating some of those rules.

ARTICLE UPDATE (8:33am): The following comment and photo about the event was posted online and with permission I am updating this article:

It has been reported that Kimberly Klacik raised $6.4M in fundraising and if you watch local TV you have probably seen one or more of her campaign ads.

I have not seen as much activity from current Congressman Kweisi Mfume during this election cycle. That being said he did win the 2020 Special Election with more than 73% of the votes casts:

This is the one interesting congressional race to watch for residents in Howard County…and it will be interesting (at least to me) to see what type of presence each candidate will have at the early voting centers here in Howard County. I will be visiting some of the early voting locations to take photos…so stay tuned.

Early Voting Centers will be open from 7am to 8pm from October 26 through November 2, 2020. Learn more:

Election Day Vote Centers will be open from 7am to 8pm on November 3, 2020. Learn more:

Scott E


  1. I’m surprised you have not posted this event BEFORE it happened, why ? I see postings about all sorts of uninteresting things, but this was very important in my opinion.

  2. Go Kim!
    I like whenever some fresh blood comes in and stirs things up in the pot. Any half-dead bmo resident can see the city and its political machine is a colossal failure of epic proportions.

    Gotta like how the HOCO establishment squirm when they see such optics. Such imagery is a threat to their stranglehold of the violent cesspool here.
    Personally, I would hit harder than she is doing to counter her opponent. The incumbent as mentioned is a beneficiary of the old establishment and has a larger bmo base. He has his vulnerabilities -female assault, close ties to the convicted bmo mayors and apathy to crime ..especially now. With the spate of violent spillover bmo crime coming to HOCO, she can seize on that and get more interested voters. Having a big war chest will only go so far. Ask Bloomberg in NY and also Ulman vs Hogan in MD. You got to appeal to the voters fears’ aspirations and personal concerns. All politics is local as they say.

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