There is a Back IN School Rally planned in Howard County on October 22nd at 4:00pm. Here is the text from the graphic above:

Thursday, Oct. 22nd @4 pm

Outside Central Office

Please bring your NON political, reopen school signs, unwanted backpacks or other school supplies lo donate to charity, as well as a folding chair to represent each student who is unable to sit in their classroom

We will be following CDC guidelines


UPDATE: There is now a public Facebook Event for this event on Thursday:

The location of this event is:  10910 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042-6106, United States (View Map).

This graphic is being shared across a number of Facebooks groups including the Reopen HoCo Schools Facebook group:

Scott E


  1. By definition a “Back IN School” Rally is political, since the goal is to change the opinions of those in government that have made their decision to not have in-person classes this year. While there might be an attempt to keep the presidential race and national politics out of the rally, it is definitely a political issue.

    • It’s only political because select people make it political. If you look at the science and recommendations from the CDC and what other state have recommended (less than 5% positivity rate), HCPSS schools should be open to at least small groups. Howard County has been below 5% since July. States with both Democratic and Republican Governors have opened schools. Baltimore City announced a short time ago they will return select students to the schools. And I wouldn’t exactly call a Baltimore City a bastion of conservative thought.

      Why are we behind in this? Because we have a small group of loud people in HoCo (and a candidate, Matthew Molyett, who makes it one of his sole cases for running) who like to castigate anyone for even discussing opening schools. Well, there are many who are not Trump supporters who realize that there are children who are simply not adaptable to distance learning because of disabilities, English learning, or family circumstances. And there are many teachers who would be willing to go back but are prevented to do so. But, sure, as long as my kid has a fast Internet, a good computer, and a quiet place to learn, let’s keep the schools closed.

  2. Are you publicizing this? The people organizing this spew hate on Facebook towards teachers and the concept of public schools. I have lost a great deal of respect for you.

  3. We rightfully had a major awakening in this country about race and equity last summer and the first chance–THE FIRST CHANCE–that we had to prove we actually cared about those in our community that need our help, our county has failed. Everything is “no” or “too hard” or “what about this or what about that.” And the folks that are loudest about equity on our Board and elsewhere are absolutely silent on this subject, if not vocally against providing assistance to those in need. Frankly, as one who defines myself as a progressive, it’s truly disheartening to see the same people that I once valued circle the wagons and stand in silence during this crisis, all in the name of an election. But, I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to respect, politics, and self-preservation.

    Why is it so hard for HCPSS to do simply what Baltimore City is doing?

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