County Executive Ball Statement on CB-51

County Executive Calvin Ball released the following statement this evening in regard to County Council Bill 51 (CB-51):

“I have listened to and share the same concerns of our Council Members and immigration advocates about the Trump Administration’s immigration policies and tactics. Howard County is not a 287-G jurisdiction and our public safety and law enforcement officers do not cooperate or work with ICE agents. We will always welcome dialogue with people who are working to uphold Howard County’s shared values of diversity, inclusion, and civility for all.

With the recent revisions and implementation to our Detention Center’s policy, to only hold ICE detainees at the Howard County Detention Center who been convicted of a crime of violence, we provided a practical long-term solution. The updated policy was supported and endorsed by CASA, CAIR, as well as other immigration advocates and attorneys who represent ICE detainees.


Council’s passing of CB-51 will end a 25-year contract that has helped make Howard County and the state of Maryland safer and make it tougher for ICE detainees to receive proper legal representation and access to their families. Additionally, I agree with the Foreign-Born Information and Referral Network (FIRN) who strongly opposed CB-51 citing that it “fails to provide a comprehensive plan and solution for detainees who would be transferred if the ICE contract were to be canceled.”

I remain confident that our updated detention center policy strikes the right balance of ensuring safety for County residents and businesses while allowing for fair treatment for those who have been convicted by the criminal justice system and therefore will be vetoing CB-51.”


Scott E


  1. Interesting, Mr Ball seems to have made good sensible policy decision. Often one that neither left nor right likes, right in the middle where normal people want it.

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