Photos via HCPD on Facebook

The following was posted on Facebook by Howard County Police Department on October 1st:

Popcorn anyone? If you’ve ever wondered what the School Resource Officers do when they’re not in school, yesterday’s event is a great example. SROs were at Harpers Choice Middle School with the Police Community Athletic Program during lunch hours, handing out snacks from the Howard County Police Foundation and interacting with young people in the neighborhood.

The goals of the SRO program include building positive relationships with students by serving as mentors, coaches, summer camp counselors, instructors and volunteers, and supporting students during and after school hours.
Of the 19 SROs assigned to schools in Howard County, 15 serve as coaches in various youth programs. Many also sponsor basketball tournaments at their assigned schools, participate in after-school programs and take on various volunteer opportunities and classroom instruction.

There is so much more to an SRO’s role than many people may even realize! To learn more, please check out our SRO FAQs:


In the context of all of the discussions related to SROs here in Howard County I was happy to see this post with the information shared by HCPD.


Scott E


  1. I appreciate seeing this post. We don’t just have gun toting officers here canvassing for criminals or profiling our kids although I feel there could be training programs added to match how to defuse tempers of kids k-12 peers or special needs without arrest.
    Everyone I ha e met so far have been kind and kid friendly

  2. As a former HCPSS teacher, I would hope you would give equal time to the group of citizens, teachers, and students who are petitioning to have their voices heard. It’s laudable that these officers are working in the community, but those actions do not negate the need for all sides to voice their concerns.

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