Weekly tracking charts of Coronavirus data in Howard County and Maryland – September 26th

Below are the weekly tracking charts in Howard County and Maryland I have been working on for some time now and some comments on the data this week. If interested in the data behind the charts I have this handy Google Sheet with the specifics of the data noted on the graphs in this article.

Here are the weekly tracking charts looking at the total number of reported cases in Maryland and Howard County:

Note – Nice to see these numbers decrease over the past week at both the state and local level. Time will tell if this is a new trend or not.

Here are the weekly tracking charts of the number of deaths in Maryland and in Howard County (I still believe that this should be a critical metric to watch closely going forward):

Note – Seeing the number of deaths related to COVID-19 jump back well above 40 (nearly 50) across the state is disappointing after the last couple of weeks of numbers.

Howard County reported 2 deaths due to COVID-19 over the past week and the numbers locally remain really low. Hoping this stays that way.

Here is the weekly tracking chart of hospitalizations (“ever hospitalized”) in Maryland:

Note – The number of Hospitalizations “ever hospitalized” fell back below 300 this past week. 263 is the lowest number in a week since back in June.

Here is the weekly tracking numbers for new ICU and Acute Hospital Beds for COVID-19, Currently in Use:

Note – this tracking has been noted as critical for Maryland. Every week there seems to be one set of concerning numbers….these are the ones his week. Beds in use (Acute Care and ICU) across the state and locally are up…not up big time…but still up. I think we can all hope that seeing these numbers drop back down is the goal.

Here is the weekly tracking of number of people tested weekly across the state (looking at positive cases and people testing negative):

Note – Total testing (as I am tracking it by persons testing positive and persons testing negative) fell back below 70,000. I still do not understand why this number is this low…but maybe many people that have been tested…and tested negative…and still have no symptoms are taking a break from getting tested right now.

People testing positive looks better this week…back below 5% for the first time in the past few weeks. This is a critical metric many people watch closely….so nice to see this starting to head in the right direction again.

Here are important links with data on Coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers:

Here is a site to watch for information on Maryland cases: https://phpa.health.maryland.gov/Pages/Novel-coronavirus.aspx

Here is the site to keep an eye on in Howard County for updates: https://www.howardcountymd.gov/Departments/Health/MM-Alerts-and-Recalls

This is a good site to keep up to date with the latest coronavirus updates worldwide:  (Worldometer) https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ or (Johns Hopkins) https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html.

I have a Google spreadsheet for tracking some of the daily Maryland and Howard County numbers and my weekly numbers:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OVZO0oIaEC__KXZ9LwtnhawO1NhdqE78VJ9Hd5LCQ0k/edit?usp=sharing

Scott E

Note: Daily COVID-19 updates going forward will happen on Tuesday and Thursday (unless something significant needs to be reported on the other days) during the week. Weekly weekend charts will continue to happen on Saturday or Sunday (depending on my schedule and the timing of the release of the information).


Scott E

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