Five Howard County officers are being credited with saving the life of a man who was attempting suicide in Columbia. The officers responded to a pier at Wilde Lake where they found the man bleeding from multiple wounds and holding a knife to his throat.

The officers began talking with the man, using their training in mental health and de-escalation to encourage him to put the knife down. The man told officers that he wanted to kill himself or have the officers kill him. He began cutting his wrist and making gestures with the knife towards officers, who had maintained a safe distance.

The officers created a distraction and used a Taser to briefly incapacitate the man, allowing them to safely take the knife. The man was transported to the hospital for an evaluation and treatment of his self-inflicted injuries.

This use of verbal techniques and non-lethal force are examples of the training, compassion, and culture of Howard County police, and our commitment to the value of human life. Thank you to PO Cody Merson, PFC Blake Bomberger, and Sgt. Jack Mould (pictured, L to R) for their exemplary police work to resolve this incident without the loss of life. Additional thanks to PFC Brian Reger and PO Jonathan Rohrbaugh for their assistance at the scene.

Photo via HCPD on Facebook

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Scott E


  1. Congratulations to our police for managing this harrowing situation. Another example of excellent compassionate police work.

  2. Thanks to these wonderful officers for saving this man’s life. There are some good officers out there. I am glad no one had to lose their life. I pray this man receives the helps he needs. Again Many thanks to these officers for their hard work and dedication!!!!!

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