Glenn Andrew Hopple, age 58, and Candace Berry, age 66, were sentenced in Howard County District Court on Wednesday, September 16th, 2020. Hopple received a 90-day suspended sentence in his case and Berry received 90-day suspended sentences in each of her three cases, consecutive to each other.
Hopple and Berry were found guilty in January 2020 of 16 counts of animal cruelty (Hopple to 5 counts and Berry to 11 counts) which include failing to provide sufficient food, shelter, space and veterinary care to several animals on their property, and causing pain and suffering.

As part of their pre-sentence probation, Berry and Hopple were required to reduce the number of farm animals and dogs on their property. Their probation conditions now include a restricted number of farm animals and domestic animals (dogs) on their property, they must allow animal control to make monthly checks of the animals, and all domestic animals on their property are to be spayed or neutered and the farm animals are only permitted to be non-intact males.

HOPPLE CASE—On July 10, 2019, Howard County Animal Control received a call regarding skinny horses at Hopple’s home in the 16400 block of Frederick Road in Woodbine, MD. Howard County Animal Control Officers responded to the home and observed several skinny horses as well as a miniature horse with overgrown hooves. They also discovered there were 14 miniature horses, three horses, one cow, one goat, and 10 donkeys in their pastures. The officer provided a notice requiring Hopple and his wife, Candace Berry, to take 4 of the miniature horses to a veterinarian within 24 hours, trim the hooves on the miniature horses, and get the horse’s weights back up.

On July 12, 2019, a Howard County Animal Control Officer went to Hopple’s residence with his veterinarian to check on the four skinny horses. The vet did a visual exam and, in his opinion, determined it was a food problem, not a parasite or teeth problem. Based on the information provided by Hopple’s vet, Animal Control contacted the county’s veterinarian to assess all the animals.

On July 19, 2019, a Howard County Animal Control Officer and veterinarian visited Hopple’s home. Upon examining the horses, the vet ordered seven miniature horses be impounded because of their poor condition and low body condition score. A donkey was also impounded due to its poor condition and low body condition score. The horses and donkey were taken to Days End Horse Farm for further treatment.

BERRY CASE- On September 17, 2019, Howard County Animal Control received an anonymous letter regarding animals on Berry’s property in Woodbine, MD, including the basement and barn areas. Animal Control Officers responded to the address and were provided access to the residence by Berry. The officers observed feces and urine tracked throughout the house. Eight dogs in the residence were in poor condition and impounded by Animal Control. Two, specifically, were extremely thin and in need of medical attention, which the county’s veterinarian provided. Three turtles and one bird were also impounded.

On September 21, 2019, the acquaintance turned over 33 dogs to Howard County Animal Control, including a female Boston Terrier with three puppies. The Boston Terrier and the puppies were dogs that had been given to her by Berry. The puppies looked to be days old and were still nursing from the mother. The officer took possession of the dogs and brought them back to Howard County Animal Control. The Boston Terrier had skin, dental, and other medical issues and were treated by the County’s veterinarian. This woman also advised Animal Control that Berry had another dog that recently had puppies remaining in the residence.

On September 23, 2019, Howard County Animal Control obtained a search and seizure warrant for Berry and Hopple’s home in Woodbine, MD. While in the residence, Animal Control located a black adult Labrador Retriever with 8 puppies inside a dog enclosure. The small room that the dogs were in was hot and dirty with urine and feces built up. The dog and puppies had no water and the adult dog needed medical attention for an ulcerated mass and infected ears. Animal Control impounded the dog and puppies and the dog received treatment by the county’s veterinarian.

Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Devora W. Kirschner, who is also the Deputy Chief of the Special Victims Unit, prosecuted this case.


Wow…this is somewhat disappointing…in a number of ways…and to everyone in this household that loves animals.

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Scott E


  1. This horrible treatment of animals is NOT OKAY but the County obviously thinks they learned their lesson or something by taking some animals away from them etc.. sickening.. this is why people continue to do what they want to animals AND people.. there are no consequences. It will never stop unless they are punished for their cruel actions! Just awful- the judge must have other things on his mind then helping innocent animals… sad..

  2. Ooops, the judge is a woman….Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Ms. Devora W. Kirschner. How disappointing that she would suspend their sentences since she is the one who helped create a domestic violence unit in the county… we need to make sure the animals and people of this county are safe from abuse and violence and it doesn’t seem like in this case she was there to protect the animals. I feel bad for the animals who are still with the couple- despite the “monthly checks” from animal control officers.. I hope she is harsher with those who abuse women and children.

    • I understand your rage. It’s awful what was being done to the animals and I don’t think these people should be allowed to own or house any more animals….at all. To send them to prison though, would likely be a death sentence for these 2 with the current Covid situation. A death sentence doesn’t warrant the crime. Maybe a large fine, restitution and no more animals…ever.

    • ” Ooops, the judge is a woman….Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Ms. Devora W. Kirschner. ”

      I believe a judge would have to suspend a sentence, not the state’s attorney.

      Just out of curiosity, who were the judge/ judges for this case.

  3. This whole story really disappoints me to no end … #1 ). Why would you suspend the sentence if you charged them with ALL those counts of animal cruelty and abuse it did happen it wasn’t a mistake under no circumstance was it wrong in any way the country had to put in many of hours and care to get these animals back to good health that’s money and man power….. and #2). Why in Gods Name would you ever let these people have ANY pets of any kind back in there Possession…I just don’t get it I am sorry but there is definitely something wrong with our system here in Howard Co I am ashamed of our system…Thank You Tami Scovitch

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