Judge John Kuchno recently picked up the endorsement of the Howard County Bar Association. Here is information from The Judicial Nominating Commission for Howard County:

On behalf of the Howard County Bar Association and in compliance with our Association Bylaws, I hereby notify you that the Howard County Bar Association endorses the candidacy of incumbent Judge John Kuchno for election to the position of Judge of the Howard County Circuit Court in the upcoming November 2020 election.

The Howard County Bar Association conducted an electronic referendum to survey the views of its active members concerning Judge Kuchno’s integrity, temperament, and professional competence, and whether, using the same standards, any other candidate is entitled to be preferred for endorsement. Pursuant to the Bylaws, the Association announces the endorsement of a candidate who receives at least 80% best-qualified responses of the total members responding to the referendum. The referendum results were tabulated by the Chair of the Association’s Judicial Selection Committee and reported to the President and President-Elect of the Association.

The referendum response reflects that the record of incumbent Judge John Kuchno for integrity, temperament, and professional competence is such that he is entitled to immediate endorsement for election.

Most sincerely,


David Coaxum, Esq.
President-Elect, Howard County Bar Association


Here is the PDF of the endorsement:  Endorsement Letter

Scott E