County Executive Calvin Ball released a public survey for residents and businesses to provide feedback on the Howard County Government website ( The short survey can be completed here.

“Our residents and businesses deserve a fast, user-friendly experience when visiting our website, so they can find critical information and access important services and resources,” said Ball. “As we undergo a re-design process, we want to first and foremost hear from you. Through this survey, we want to listen to your ideas and concerns, so we can provide you with better service and a more innovative and efficient government. I encourage everyone to take two minutes to complete our survey and help us build a website suited to your needs.”

The survey will provide the County with useful information about what services residents and businesses are currently accessing the most frequently and how the experience might be improved. It covers topics including how frequently users visit the site, which devices they use to access the site, and most frequently visited pages.


There are only 9 questions on the survey so it does not take a lot of time. I am not sure how much this survey will direct the future development of the site but I look forward to the results and seeing if those results help provide direction for a future look of the site.

Scott E