Howard County Council Member Liz Walsh provides an update on potential acre-plus County land giveaway

Howard County Council Member Liz Walsh posted the following on Facebook on September 8th:

This acre-plus County land giveaway is likely to be approved tonight by your #HoCoMd Council.

Thing is, now we have the real appraisal for the property. The one that confirms that that acre-plus along Columbia Road and Clarksville Pike is indeed worth $1M.

Didn’t have that back then, in June. Nope. Sure didn’t.

The County sat on it. Just didn’t give it to us. For months. Didn’t even tell us it existed. Until after another round of Council hearings on yet another bogus appraisal.

Back then, we had the one prepared for the Developer’s attorney: That one—from June 18, 2018, the one that kicked this whole thing off—said the property was worth $50K.

Then we got another one—March 23, 2020—prepared for the County’s own Department of Public Works: That one, also subject to some extraordinary limitations, came up with an even lower sales price, $12K.

And only after that, and more hearings, and more questions did we get the real one. The one also prepared for the County a month before the second bogus one, on February 26, 2020: The real one, that says the acre-plus of County land is worth $1.125M. If we sell it.

But guess what? We’re not selling it now. No, we’re just letting Developer use it, forever and forever. And sure the County will still insure it, too. Maintain it? Maybe. For what? I don’t know. Council doesn’t know. But they sure might approve this thing tonight anyhow.

You can watch them do it, here:

And/or you could ask them please not to, by sending us an email this afternoon:


Here is the post on Facebook:

Here is a link to the CR-89 legislation (AN ACT declaring that a portion of Old Maryland Route 108, containing approximately 1.087 acres, is no longer needed for a public purpose and authorizing the County Executive to waive the advertising and bidding requirements of Section 4.201 of the Howard County Code in order to convey the County’s property interest to the developer of the adjacent property, Dorsey Overlook, LLLP.)

Scott E


  1. Message sent. This vote would be irresponsible, at best. Yikes.

    Thanks for posting this for us Luddite folks who don’t have Facebook. : )


  2. Sadly us taxpayers lost out on over $600k in revenue because three council members voted to pass CR-89-2019 for dirt cheap. It doesn’t make sense why someone would essentially give away free land to a developer. But if you look closer into the developer’s campaign contributions, it makes sense. So the developer in question is Dorsey Overlook, LLLP (Department ID M17879305). If you search them up in Maryland’s database of business registrations (, you will see their Principal Office is 5670B FURNANCE AVE.
    ELKRIDGE MD 21075. Now if you enter that location in Maryland’s campaign finance data (, then you will see that Kirby Development LLC which has the same address as Dorsey Overlook, LLLP contributed $1,000 to both Friends of Opel Jones and Friends of Christiana Rigby. Coincidentally, both Opel Jones and Christiana Rigby voted YES to CR-89-2019.


  3. I am not presently a resident of Howard County. I did, however, grow up there. I was hoping to make my home there after my husband retired from the Navy. I had the strange experience of watching local cable, seeing a council vote for Howard County. I felt like I was witnessing some shady deal one would imagine in NYC or Las Vegas. The two council women who voted, “ no” should be commended and re-elected. The remaining three council persons should have a LOT of explaining to do. They didn’t even afford the county a good counter argument, ignored common sense, ignored their responsibility to the residents of Howard County. The entire thing left me irritated and sad.


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