Howard County Board of Education Candidate (in District 1) Christina Delmont-Small joined Scott E’s Blog for a Chat with the Candidate Session on September 5th.

During this “Chat with the Candidate” session we talked about things like: COVID-19 and the schools, schools reopening, redistricting and budgets.

Here is that conversation held online:

The session was streamed live to Facebook. At this point (morning of September 6th) there has been more than 2,000 video views, the post has had a reach of more than 4,000 people and the post has more than 900 “engagements”. I expect these numbers to continue to rise over the next few days.


The interview is also on Scott E’s Blog podcast channel located here: and on iTunes here:

If you are interested in learning more about candidates running for Howard County Board of Education in Howard County in 2020 be sure to check out this resource:

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