Tom Heffner (candidate running for Howard County Board of Education in District 3) recently published the following on social media:

Hello Everyone – I wanted to share that while it’s too late for me to withdraw from the race and remove myself from the ballot … I’m putting my support behind my fellow D3 candidate Jolene Mosley. The primary results clearly demonstrated that her campaign resonated with our county voters. In a year, and election cycle where there are many candidates tearing each other down, you won’t find that from me. Jolene is smart, strong, and capable of doing a great job for all our children. I decided to enter this race for several reasons: 1 – I knew I could lead and help solve this problem; 2 – I wanted to demonstrate our core family values of respect, honesty, integrity to my children; 3 – I wanted to help build a better school system for all of our children. Jolene will do well in all 3 of these areas and much more. Even though my campaign failed to meet the moment, I am happy for her and to help her in any way I can. I feel very fortunate to live in D3, knowing we have can come together to support Jolene and build something even better.


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Scott E