President Donald J. Trump sent out the following tweet last night in support of Kimberly Klacik running in MD07:

Kimberly Klacik is really working hard to help the people of Baltimore. She is running for Congress as a Republican, & if she wins she will be an inspiration to all. She is strong on inner city rebuilding, healthcare, our Military & Vets. She has my Complete & Total Endorsement!

Congressman Kweisi Mfume won the 2020 Special General Election between these two candidates with more than 73% of the vote:


A large number of votes for Klacik came out of Howard County in the District 7 race in the Special Election (over 45% of total votes received):

Not sure this endorsement moves the needle significantly enough to change the results come November but this I thought this was worth mentioning here on the blog with the connection of this race to Howard County.

Scott E


  1. It is obvious that Howard County does not belong in the same electoral district with Baltimore and Baltimore County .
    That’s why Howard County will never be properly represented.

  2. The new lines get re-drawn next year. It will be interesting to see if they move (part or all of) HoCo back to the western MD district. The last congressional redistricting screwed Western MD citizens. It gave much of the influence to western/northern Montgomery County.

    Cummings and now Mfume ignore the democrats in HoCo.

    I also hope Hogan eliminates all of the strangely shaped congressional districts (like the 7th district).

    Look at Sarbanes congressional district. Unless a citizen is actively involved in politics, It is impossible for citizens to determine who their representative is.

    • Fully agree. It’s ironically that the change will happen after this year elections. Mfume does not seem interested in our neck of the woods.

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