It is that time again…a chance to review the campaign finance reports (Pre-General Report 1) of candidates running for Howard County Board of Education. These reports cover campaign transactions from 5/18/20 to 8/18/20. This is the first campaign finance report for the 2020 General. Here is a basic summary of money received, spent and cash on hand for each candidate in each district:

Here are some highlights:

Most money on hand: Christina Delmont-Small (D1)

Raised the most money: Sezin Palmer (D4)

Note: I know the graphic above shows Molyett with the most in campaign receipts but the majority of that was in the form of a campaign loan.

Spent the most money: Jen Mallo (D4)

Here is my listing of notable items on the reports for this reporting period. Things I am looking at as notable include: donations over $500, donations from elected officials in Howard County, PAC money, money from other political campaigns or other candidates for office and other stuff I think is significant:

District 1:

Christina Delmont-Small:

  • No notable items on the report

Matthew Molyett:

  • Jessica Feldmark (Delegate District 12) – $100
  • Courtney Watson (Delegate District 9B)- $200
  • Campaign transfer from Delegate Terri Hill (Delegate District 12) – $1,000
  • $5,000 loan to the campaign on 8/6/20

District 2:

Antonia Watts:

  • Matthew Molyett (HoCoBOE candidate in District 1) – $5
  • Howard Research & Development Corp. – $500

Larry Pretlow:

  • No notable items on the report

District 3:

Jolene Mosley:

  • Matthew Molyett (HoCoBOE candidate in District 1) – $5

Tom Heffner:

  • N/A

District 4:

Sezin Palmer:

  • Carmen Cheng – $499.99
  • Timothy Dull – $1,000
  • Sumeet Goel – $500
  • Hongjung Kan – $500
  • Jeffery B Wetstone – $1,000

Jen Mallo:

  • Jessica Feldmark (Delegate District 12) – $250
  • Matthew Molyett (HoCoBOE candidate in District 1) – $10
  • Robert DeBoy – $525
  • Kelly Lee – $500
  • Suzanne Saavedra – $750
  • In-Kind Contribution: Pro Video Promos – $1,250
  • In-Kind Contribution: TacoBird Inc. Custom Embroidery – $161.50

Julie Hotopp:

  • N/A

District 5

Yun Lu:

  • In-Kind Contribution: Lisa Feinberg – $200

Cindy Vaillancourt:

  • N/A

Hopefully I got all of the notable items mentioned at the top of this article for each report. There were 11 reports to review in a short period of time. If you think I missed anything of note – let me know in the comments. Anything listed as “N/A” is due to the Affidavit of Limited Contributions and Expenditures (ALCE) filed by the candidates (meaning those candidates did not receive or spend more than $1,000).

Here is a link to my Google Drive folder with all of the reports from August 2020 if you would like to review those:

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