I needed to get tested for COVID-19 again (not because I had any symptoms, but because a person I had been in the vicinity of recently had tested positive) so I went back to the Savage Volunteer Fire Station to go through that process again.

The testing process was the same as I attended the first time around (although they have changed the direction you drive into their tent at the location).

I went to the drive up COVID-19 testing location on Wednesday (August 19th) around 11:30am. There were no cars in line so I was able to drive right up and complete my testing experience quickly. It took less than 10 minutes (seriously most of my time was spent filling out the one page of paperwork).

Three other people I know went to that location that day (one around 3:00pm and the other two around 5:00pm). No one waited in a line…they all drove right up and were in and out within minutes as well.

On Saturday (August 22nd) we all began receiving phone calls with our results…so basically around 72 hours we all knew what the results were of those tests.

Happily I can inform to the community that for the second time I am COVID-19 free (at least as of that test from August 19th).

Now my first testing experience went great back on July 7th (https://scotteblog.com/2020/07/07/my-covid-19-testing-experience-in-howard-county-at-the-new-drive-through-location-on-july-7th/) but the time it took to get me results was not great:

So that location (Savage Fire Station COVID-19 testing drive through) took 17 days to provide me my results from just after July 4th…and this time around (mid August) I got my results back in 3 days from that same location.

This is a significant improvement and so I thought worth documenting for the community.

I can not recommend highly enough going to that location. No appointment needed, drive up and do the test in your vehicle, NO COST (if you have insurance or not). You seriously can not beat this location in my personal opinion.

Here is a graphic listing of all of the COVID-19 testing locations in Howard County provided by the Howard County Health Department:  https://www.howardcountymd.gov/Departments/Health/MM-Alerts-and-Recalls/Coronavirus-Testing


Scott E


  1. I was tested at Savage on July 14. Results came back 48 hours later…negative. I had registered online so there was no paperwork. Drove up, got swabbed and the whole process was three minutes.

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