Screenshot of the podcast page on WBAL News Radio website

On August 17th I was invited to join Torrey Snow on WBAL News Radio to discuss the new childcare programs in Howard County schools. Here is a link to the Podcast the show put online yesterday:

This topic has been of great interest to many residents in Howard County and many people have strong feelings and many questions right now about these programs offered by Howard County Recreation and Parks and the Columbia Association in Howard County public schools.

I embedded the link to the audio from the show below and here is where the topic is discussed on the show:

  • Discussion about the childcare programs in HCPSS schools – about the 1:04:00 mark of the audio file
  • Scott E joins in on the discussion – about the 1:15:00 mark of the audio file

For those interested in additional details on this topic:

One additional little fun fact…we should get some additional details later today from HCPSS:


I want to thank Torrey Snow and his team for inviting me on the show for this discussion. If you want to learn a bit more about Torrey Snow and his show check out this article: Torrey Snow Joins Afternoon Lineup

Scott E