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New campaign finance reports (Pre-General Report 1) for candidates running for Howard County Board of Education are due on August 25th. The transaction ending date is today (August 18th). Here is a full look at the campaign finance reporting schedule:

I tracked the highlights from these reports during the Primary and plan to continue to follow these reports during the General election cycle. Here is the last article on finance reports from back in May 2020:

Summary from the campaign finance reports of candidates running for Howard County Board of Education – May 2020

Obviously I will have to update my listings and remove the candidates that are no longer running in the General.

I will plan on mentioning items that I find notable on the reports (large donations, donations from elected officials in Howard County, PAC money, money from other political campaigns and other stuff I think may be significant).

Stay tuned and be sure to check back here on the blog next week for my article on this topic.

Scott E