Christina Delmont-Small (CDS) will Join Scott E’s Blog on September 5th at 10:00am for a “chat with the candidate” session. This conversation will be live streamed on Scott E’s Blog Facebook channel and a future blog post will be released with the the conversation embedded in that post for those that miss it live.

The original plan was to hold a candidate forum / debate similar to what I had done in the Primary for districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 (in which every candidate running for HoCoBOE attended) and what I have setup in the General election for candidates in District 2 and District 5 currently scheduled (and I hope to get District 4 scheduled soon). Unfortunately one of the candidates in District 1 has decided not to participate in this process. To be very clear…that candidate is Matthew Moylett. Here is what he sent me yesterday via email after many attempts (via email and Facebook Messenger) to get this event scheduled:

So instead of having an opportunity to bring the public access to both candidates I will move forward with bringing the public information with the one candidate willing to participate….willing to address the public….willing to be open to questions from a non-partisan voice in our community. That is really all I can do and you the reader of the blog can make your choice at the end of the day.

If you are like me and need reminders…here is the event on Facebook for that kind of reminder:

If you have questions for CDS for this upcoming session…send them along and maybe one or more will be asked during the event.

Scott E


  1. I live in Elkridge and work in North Laurel. This entire corridor along Rte 1 is being overwhelmed with new high density Residential builds yet our schools serving this corridor remain overcrowded and under resourced. What do you think you might do differently this time if re-elected? How will the experiences we have gained through virtual and hybrid learning inform your planning and decision making for schools in the coming years considering that land is at a premium and budgets are underfunded. Do you think there are some opportunities we can leverage to make the school system work better for a new generation of young children?

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