Columbia Association shares some information about Child Care Services at 10 public schools in Howard County in 2020

I just love my blog readers…they are the coolest…one sent me the following email sent out by the Columbia Association about the upcoming program for child care services in 10 Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) elementary schools:

Dear Parents, 

Howard  County Public School System granted us permission to offer full day child care services for ages 5-12 years at the following schools: Centennial, Clarksville, Clemens Crossing, Cradlerock, Hammond, Northfield, Phelps Luck, Swansfield, Waterloo, and Worthington.  The cafeterias cannot be used for childcare, so we are working with the state licensing department to get the alternative spaces licensed.  We feel confident that we will be licensed by September 8th.  Space is limited at all sites and CA reserves the right to cancel or consolidate if there are not enough participants. Refunds will be provided.

Please read the attached FAQs and updated Parent Manual for program information. 

Unused credits from the 2019-2020, that was canceled due to COVID-19, can be applied for any option.  Credits are:

  • March and April AM Credit – $282
  • March and April PM Credit – $402
  • Full Day Payment Plan Credit – $130

The following options are available*:

  • Full day – 7 am to 6 pm
  • Mornings only – 7 am to noon
  • Afternoons only – 1 pm to 6 pm 

Full Program: Register your child for daily care Monday – Friday, September 8, 2020 thru January 28, 2021. Most affordable option as the daily rate is $60 per day. 

Registration Deadline: August 31, 2020 at noon.  

Full program – Full Day children will be in the same room with the same children for the entire program.

Full Day – $5760.00   ?    Morning or Afternoon –  $2880.00

Fees can be made in 5 equal payments due: September 3, October 3, November 3, December 3 and January 3, 2021. Unused credits from the 2019-2020 will be applied to the September 3rd billing. 

Full Program Registration Form 

Weekly and Daily Programs –

Weekly and Daily programs may not be offered in all schools, based on the number of participants in the full day program.  Once full day program participants register we will know the availability of spaces for Weekly/Daily programs. If there is not availability at your child’s school, your first choice or an alternate school we will contact you with other options, if available. 

Weekly: Register for one week at a time based on your schedule and program availability.   Program will begin September 14.  We will accept paper registrations for the weeks of September 14 -21, September 28 and October 5,  that will be processed on a space available basis on September 1,  after the Full Program registrations are processed.  Unused credits from the 2019-2020 school year will be applied towards payment, but a payment option form must be submitted if the amount due will exceed your credit (see attached instructions on how to check your credit).  Full Day – $325 per week   ?   Morning or Afternoon –  $162.50 per week

Weekly Registration form

Daily: Select and register for days based on your schedule and program availability.  Program will begin September 21.  Online registration will open September 8 and then 14 days prior to program date and closes the Thursday before each session. Unused credits from the 2019-2020 school year can be applied towards payment.

Full Day – $70 per day    ?   Morning or Afternoon –  $35 per day

 If you are interested in using the daily program please complete this form  so we can ensure your child’s information is added to our registration system.  We will email you a registration packet and  instructions on registering you child.

*Our programs will be closed

  • September 28, Yom Kippur
  • Tuesday, Nov 3rd, Election Day
  • Thursday Nov 26 and Friday Nov 27, 2020
  • Thursday Dec 24 and Friday Dec 25, 2020
  • Closing at 3pm Thursday Dec 31, 2020
  • Friday January 1, 2021
  • January 18, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Marilyn F. Watring
6310 Hillside Ct Suite 100
Columbia, MD 21046
Administrative Assistant, School Age Services
Phone: 410-715-3164


Here are the attachments noted above:

Click to access Parent-Handbook-2020-2021-2.pdf

Click to access FAQs-for-SAS-registration-.pdf


Honestly the most surprising thing in this announcement was this…“The cafeterias cannot be used for childcare, so we are working with the state licensing department to get the alternative spaces licensed.  We feel confident that we will be licensed by September 8th”. Just wow is all I have to say about that statement…and now I am super interested if this is the same for Howard County Recreation and Parks and their programs at 16 schools. I will be following up early next week with Howard County Government on this issue.

Also the cost…Honestly I had not really thought through the full cost of the entire program. I had looked at daily costs and monthly costs…but the CA outlined the potential full costs above “(Full Day – $5760.00   ?    Morning or Afternoon –  $2880.00)”. Just wow is all I can think about this morning as a parent…thank goodness my little one is older now (my own personal thoughts) and I am feeling for parents with school aged kids. Who can seriously afford this in the midst of a global pandemic? Maybe many…but I have a feeling many will be left out of this opportunity given the cost.

This is a topic I will continue to follow as I get additional details.

If you have information that the community should know about…feel free to email me at

Scott E

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