The Merriweather Post blog has been my go to source on what is happening with the Symphony of Lights lawsuit since late June. The blog posted another update yesterday titled “The Columbia Association Side of the Symphony of Lights Story“. This update provided information from the Columbia Association…and it is an interesting read…I highly recommend clicking on that link to see what Columbia Association is saying on the topic.

Previous stories from the blog include (I also highly recommend reading these stories):

Some of my thoughts this morning:

As a member of this community and someone that lives in Columbia I hope our community does not lose this long standing event here in Howard County.

It is sad to see these entities in a legal fight over this event.

It is somewhat surprising (to me) that out local elected officials (especially those that represent Columbia) have not been involved or made statements up to this point (at least nothing that I have seen). Maybe because it is a lawsuit and they do not want to get involved or maybe for some other reason. I am not sure this morning…but would love to hear what they think about the possibility of losing this long standing event (or have it change from what it has been for many years).

I want to thank The Merriweather Post blog for continuing to follow this story…I know I appreciate it and I am sure others in the community do as well.

Scott E


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