The Maryland State Department of Health is now reporting that in Howard County the COVID-19 Positivity Rate (7 day rolling average) is now below 3% on August 10th. The image below is what was shared by state officials today:

Governor Larry Hogan posted the following on Twitter today about positivity rates around the state:

Maryland’s statewide #COVID19 positivity rate has reached another new all-time low of 3.62%. The state’s hospitalization metrics continue to plateau, with ICU beds dropping below 120 for the first time since July 14.

The positivity rates for Baltimore City (4.49%) and Baltimore County (4.54%) are at their lowest levels since late March. Only two jurisdictions are reporting rates above 5%, and Worcester County has dropped back down to 3.78%.

Over the last several weeks, we have been particularly concerned about rising infection rates among young people. Fortunately, the positivity rate among Marylanders under 35 has steadily declined over the last two weeks, down nearly 30% since July 23.


The Howard County Health Department has not released their latest numbers yet today (as of 11:05am on August 10th). I will keep an eye out for their new numbers today and will update this article when those testing numbers are updated today.

Article update (11:39am): Howard County Health Department is also reporting a 2.97% positivity rate on August 10th.

Understand that I know that this is only one day below 3% and just barely below 3% (2.97%)…but thought it notable enough to document it here on the blog. Let’s all hope this continues to stay this low and gets even lower in the future.

Here is the Daily Update posted on the blog this morning:  Maryland Department of Health reports 3,881 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Howard County and 96,258 cases in Maryland on August 10th

Scott E


  1. It is important to note that the positivity rate of tests isn’t the positivity rate of people.

    Unfortunately, Howard county doesn’t seem to report the number of negative people. At the state level for the 9th there were nearly 30k tests, but only 755 new cases and 16710 negative people. That is about 40% of the tests that could use further explanation. I expect that most are duplicate tests, but that still seems high.

  2. No one believes the governor and his made up numbers anymore. Follow Hopkins they don’t pad things to sell books or posture for political gain

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