This is a post from Jaxon Edwin on Facebook yesterday:

It gives me great pain to let everyone know that we will sadly be ceasing operations for Jaxon Edwin. This company started as kickstarter and ended with a Gordon Ramsay remodel. After filming, we were on fire-standing room only each weekend. My chef Brenden says we were on our way to building something beautiful. Then 3 days later we were shut down due to this pandemic. In May we safely reopened but what we’ve learned the past few months is there are too many things working against us. The pressure of owing 100% of our rent during a time when we are reduced to 50% at best has become too much to bear. While our landlords got most of their burden deferred for several months, we owe 100%. So we’ve tried to reopen per the law, which did not cover expenses. Many people are not yet comfortable with indoor seating, but sadly we were not able to obtain a solution to bring in that business. Several Fridays ago we had a band play and then we later found out that 2 customers had tested positive for COVID-19. I do not want to bear the guilt if someone were to get sick due to us being open. In a perfect world I would love to reopen in a year when it’s safe, but we don’t own our building and it’s been made clear no renegotiations will be made. The overwhelming amount of support that we have received has been incredible. Thank you to all who said you would support us once Covid is over. From the bottom of my heart I am truly sorry to my family for putting us in an awful financial situation. All I ever wanted to do was create a cool concept for this town and help boost EC. I’m sorry to the community for not taking the time to get to know you all. I brought a very successful company to Main Street 4 years ago which lead to having 3 businesses at once. My biggest regret was not getting to know more of you. I should have taken more time to meet you all. Finally I’m sorry to my loyal customers and staff. I know you all love our concept and it brings me to tears (if you can believe that) to know we can’t serve you anymore. Maybe one day when the world is healthy we can try again, but in the meantime, please stay well.


It is always sad to lose a local business. I wish the owner and all of the employees the best in the future.

Scott E