I thought I would put together a little history of the winners of “Best Blog” in the annual Best of Howard County Awards (Howard Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Contest) . Here is what I was able to find in the history:

2011: HoCo Rising
Honorable Mention: HowChow

2012: HowChow
Honorable Mention: HoCo Rising, Pawsitive Outlook, Tale of Two Cities


2013: HowChow
Honorable Mention: Tales of Two Cities, HoCo Rising, UK Desperate Housewife USA, Well & Wise

2014: HowChow
Honorable Mention: HoCo Rising, Tales of Two Cities, UK Desperate Housewife USA

2015: HowChow
Honorable Mention: HoCo Rising, UK Desperate Housewife USA, The Unmanly Chef

2016: HoCo Rising
Honorable Mention: The Unmanly Chef, Pilates, Pearls, and Peanut Butter, Village Green/Town Squared

2017: HoCo Rising
Honorable Mention: Village Green/Town Squared, Pilates, Pearls, and Peanut Butter, Dr. Chao Wu

2018: Village Green/Town Squared
Honorable Mention: Scott E Blog, The Unmanly Chef, Warren’s Beer Adventures

2019: Scott E’s Blog
Honorable Mention: predupre.com, Village Green/Town², Elevate Maryland

2020: TBD – https://scotteblog.com/2020/09/03/voting-for-the-best-of-howard-county-runs-from-september-3-to-september-14-you-can-vote-daily/

Fun facts: (through 2019)

Most wins: HowChow (4), HoCo Rising (3), Village Green/Town Squared (1), Scott E’s Blog (1)

Most wins + honorable mentions: HoCoRising (7), HowChow (5), Village Green/Town Squared (4), Tale of Two Cities (3), UK Desperate Housewife USA (3), The Unmanly Chef (3)

This page will be updated with additional details in the future.

On a personal note…pretty cool to win last year. I love my little blog and it is a fun hobby for me.

I hope you take the opportunity to nominate the local blog you love best…even if it is not this one. Be sure to nominate your favorite here:  https://baltimoresun.secondstreetapp.com/Howard-County-Magazine-Best-Readers-Choice-2020/

Scott E