It is that time of year again…time for the nominations for Howard Magazine’s 2020 Readers’ Choice Contest (or also known as the Best of Howard County Awards). Nominations are open now until August 10 at 5 p.m.

Then the contest voting period begins on September 3 at 9 a.m. and ends on September 14 at 5 p.m.. All winners will be listed in the December issue of Howard Magazine and at

Here are the contest rules.

Here are the major categories in 2020:

  • Out & About
  • Shopping
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home
  • Personal Services
  • Personalities
  • Recreation

There are to many sub categories to list them all…but you will see them when you click on the major categories. Here is the link to nominate your favorites in 2020:

I will mention one sub category (be warned…a little self promotion coming here)…”Blog” listed under “Personalities”. In 2019 the readers of this blog were nice enough to nominate and then vote for Scott E’s Blog allowing this blog to receive the “Best of Howard County” award for that category. This is something I still appreciate today and hope you will consider nominating Scott E’s Blog under that category again in 2020 in order for it to be listed when voting opens.

There are a number of other wonderful blogs in our county so nominate the ones you would like to see on the voting list in September.

Also be sure to check out the other sub categories and nominate your favorites around Howard County. Have suggestions for the readers…let me know in the comments or in the comments on social media.

Scott E


  1. The Columbia Art center is a diverse community not only because of the people that work in there but also because our clients.
    The richness of our diversity allow us to have a “think-tank” of creative ideas where we work very hard to promote the quality of life of our community through art. We have classes for children, home school students, teenagers, adults and seniors. We offer art parties for children and a day program when schools are out. We also get involved directly with our community by helping people to do art at the “Head start Program”, during Veterans’ Day, or the Columbia Festival of the Arts.
    We are creative people looking for solutions to meet the needs of our community.

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