The Merriweather Post blog has recently provided a new update on the happenings related to the Symphony of Lights in Howard County (Howard County General Hospital Testimony sheds light on Symphony of Lights Dispute).

This lawsuit in Howard County Circuit Court has been happening since mid-June and could possibly end or significantly change a valuable long standing (25 years) event in Columbia depending on the outcome of that lawsuit.

Those that have not been following along up to this point here is some history that I am aware of:

June 30th with updates on July 2nd and July 8th (The Merriweather Post) Columbia Association files legal action to shut down Symphony of Lights Vehicle Parade

July 7th (The Baltimore Sun): Columbia Association files lawsuit to halt annual Symphony of Lights event, citing violation of access rights

July 27th (The Merriweather Post) Howard County General Hospital Testimony sheds light on Symphony of Lights Dispute

Here are some screen shots from Maryland Case Search for those interested in the parties involved in this lawsuit:

I am happy to see The Merriweather Post continue to follow this story as I think it is an important one in our community.

I would hate for our community to lose this valuable event. I remember taking my daughter through the Symphony of Lights for many years when she was young. We always loved it when she was young. This event is a valuable resource for the Howard County General Hospital and I am sure they could use the revenue it generates…especially during this global pandemic.

I will continue to follow The Merriweather Post for updates.

Give the articles above a read (the ones that you can). What do you think about this situation? Let me know in the comments.

Scott E


  1. This just seems like the Inner Arbor Trust has their panties in a bunch because they wanted to attach their winter event (Fire and Ice?) to the Symphony of Lights to make some money and HCGH said no. The Inner Arbor Trust has a noble mission to bring community and recreation events to the area to promote Columbia, but our 1 and only hospital in the area provides NEEDED services to all….even to those without health insurance. Need vs Want?….NEED wins hands down! The Inner Arbor Trust is looking really greedy right now and CA isn’t fairing much better bringing on a lawsuit when they are in a financial bind AND closed the community pools this summer. This is just greed and rot from the core. I don’t live in Columbia, but I will not plunk down $$ and ride through Symphony of Lights ever again if CA and the Inner Arbor Trust continue on this frivolous journey and win.

  2. I had enjoyed the Symphony of Lights which was a fundraiser for the Hospital. That did not exist last year. Last year a private for-profit company ran the Show. Somehow CA allowed them to use our land. CA Footed the insurance and the wear and tear. As a CA fee payer I do not want a private company using my money to make a profit.

    • I hope you read the statement provided from the President from the Howard County Hospital in the article linked to from this article to understand what happened last year and see that it is still a fundraiser for the hospital that they rely on.

  3. The private business takes a cut and donates some to the hospital, but does not pay CA or cover the insurance for CA. Is the donation a write off for the private company?

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