Howard County Board of Education member states High School sports are not under the purview of the Board of Education

Vicky Cutroneo (Howard County Board of Education member) stated the following on Facebook recently:

Communication coming tomorrow, Friday
High school sports: procedurally, this decision is not under the purview of the Board of Ed.

It is administrative and is ultimately Dr Martirano’s decision, made in consultation w local and state governing bodies. Expect an update in the next day or 2.

I know the wait for answers has been excruciating for so many students, parents, coaches…

especially the students.


Vicky is one of my favorites on the board…she keeps us up to date with information about the school system and I as a blogger / news and information person in this area I appreciate that information.

I really do not understand the BOE not in charge of sports for the school system…as a person that played sports in high school…this seems weird to me. I get the HCPSS Superintendent gets the final word…but who does he work for at the end of the day? And who do they (Board members) work for at the end of the day? The answer is us…the parents and tax payers. The board should have a say in this…shouldn’t they?

Seems weird….right? The Board should have a say in it all…and if not…what the heck? Just asking from a person that participated in high school sports WAY back in the day.

What do you think about sports for high school kids? I am not asking should they start during virtual learning…but should the board have a say in what happens this year? That this where I am looking at it from this evening.

Have thoughts….let me know in the comments.

Scott E

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  1. So, has the Bord said anything yet today. We are living in Bizarro world. In almost all school systems, high school athletes are required to meet a minimum GPA in order to participate. Often the requirements for athlete participation are the same as participate in other extracurriculars, marching band, speech & debate, drama, etc.

    If not the board of Ed, who sets these? This should not be an issue coming up for the first time in 2020. Howard County was incorporated in 1838 and the cornerstone for the first official high school – in Ellicott City – was laid in 1924.


  2. Of course the Board should make decisions; the Superintendent works for them and they work for us, citizens of Howard Co. Who else should do it?


  3. I would like to see BOE discussion about sports and other extracurricular activities during the period of online learning.

    Input should be sought from the directors of various programs both indoors and outdoors: sports, marching band, speech & debate, student council,
    etc. Could each group (field hockey, football, soccer, band, cross country, any organization that requires travel to compete) come to a consensus on their own, with their students’ parents’ input, and then influence the decisions of BOE and superintendent? So field hockey might say it’s too risky for them but band says they’d be okay? I don’t see it as an all or nothing decision. A student could not be forced to participate even if a program runs for which she was scheduled. e.g. marching band. Current waiver for parents could be updated with the risks to covid exposure.


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