The Howard County Public School System Superintendent  (Dr. Michael Martirano) mentioned that he was meeting with the State Superintendent yesterday and on that agenda was supposed to be the topic of attendance. So what happened in that meeting? That is my question this morning.

Why am I asking…well this was stated the other day:

I am continuing to watch until that question is answered. Honestly not for me (my kid is 20+) but so that the parents in this community know what is going on in the school system.

Check the News page of HCPSS and tell me if you see it: I will do the spoiler here…nothing yet on this topic.

So where are our board members on this topic? I am willing to give them a little time…but will be watching over the weekend. If they stay quiet and say nothing or if they make a statement I may detail those statements at the beginning of next week.

This is not a little issue for parents….it is a big one and one that should be decided earlier rather than later (my opinion).

Have thoughts…let me know in the comments.

Scott E