Those that read this blog know I went and got tested for COVID-19 back on July 7th at the Savage Fire Station. I did not get tested because I had any symptoms or concerns but to document the process for the community. Wow did I pick the wrong time frame to do that apparently.

Today is July 18th and I still do not have the results of my test. How crazy is that?

I have a family member that went to CVS in Howard County on July 6th to get tested (so they are on day 12). They had a slight fever on July 4th (that went away on July 5th) but out of an abundance of caution they went to get tested on the 6th. After taking more than a week off of work they also do not have the results of their test back either. Once again…crazy…right?

ARTICLE UPDATE: Happy to announce that the family member that had their test taken on July 6th in Howard County got their test results back last night (July 18).

To be fair I did get a phone call yesterday from Quality First Urgent Care (the company in charge of the testing at the Savage Fire Station) letting me know that tests conducted between the 5th and 9th are taking about 13 business days (or 2 1/2 weeks) to come back. They did say if I came in today I would get my test results back within 72 hours if I was concerned (I guess they are now using a different lab for results). I declined.

I am not totally sure if I got that call because they are doing that with everyone tested in that timeframe or because of a somewhat recent blog post that I reposted yesterday tagging a bunch of people and agencies in the state and Howard County (see here on Facebook or Twitter). I did get a good giggle out of it either way.

I am very disappointed in this process for those that may have legit concerns about this virus. 2 1/2 weeks is in no way acceptable for anyone getting tested at any point.

Even more disappointing than how long it is taking to get the results…is the lack of information from our elected officials or from the local Health Department and others if this is really true. They are supposed to be leading on this issue and if in the know that it is taking this long to get results back they should be informing the community (my opinion).

Have your own COVID-19 testing story…let me know in the comments.

Scott E


  1. Hi Scott,

    I got tested on July 7th and still have no results either. Same testing location as you. In fact, I have had no correspondence either. I have no symptoms, but out of caution, decided to get tested since my wife had to do it for work. It is just crazy that there are never any answers when I call and ask about results.

  2. I got tested last Tuesday at the VEIP site at 6340 Woodside Court, Columbia, 21046 run by the Maryland Dept. of Health. I received my results last Saturday so that was about 4 days. They use Labcorp and you get the results on the Patient Portal which were negative.

  3. Boy did you go to the wrong place, Meritus Urgent Care off of Creighton in Maugansville, in Washington gave me my negative results in 16 hours, sorry for your trials, I hope you get a negative result! Take care and be safe!

  4. I went to Savage fire station for a test the day after you did, based on your blog; I was asymptomatic except for possibly increased fatigue. The staff did mention that because of increased demand, the results from testing could take up to 5 days, and if I hadn’t heard back in a week, to contact them.

    When I had not heard anything from Quality First a week after my test, I sent them a message through the patient portal asking when I could expect to hear something.

    Yesterday, I received the same response you did: testing from the 8th was backed up, and that if I wanted to come in again, I could get results back in 72 hours.

    I sent a follow-up question to them about whether the tests would be covered by insurance if either or both came back negative. Still waiting on that answer.

  5. Hey Scott —
    My family of 5 got tested Monday, the 13th at Savage FD. All of the test results were back with 72 hours except for my son’s, which is still not back. That said, they have called us to communicate that. Since we all had negative results, I am feeling pretty good that my son is too. Hopefully we will get confirmation of that soon.

  6. Four members of my family got tested on Friday the 10th. It’s now the 19th. Two of us have our results back and two of us do not. We’re all stuck in quarantine. I am not permitted to work until my results come back. Contacted LabCorp and the state. LabCorp estimated between another 2 and 10 days yesterday.

  7. We still have no results as of July 19 (12 days and counting for my son – tested on July 7, and 11 days and counting for my husband and I – tested on July 8). We went to the Savage Fire Station (Quality First) for testing. We chose that location because Quality First’s website promised results within 3-5 days.

    My husband emailed Quality First a few days ago, and received the same information as you regarding getting retested for faster results. We declined because our 14 day self-quarantine since possible exposure was almost at an end. We are now out of quarantine with no test results. Crazy.

    My son lost two weeks of work due to the delayed test results.

  8. If results are not back in 48-72 hours, then there literally is no point to the tests since the information you get from the results is far too late to act on.

  9. Within the last few weeks an elderly person I know developed a cough and strong fever and was, on Saturday morning, finally convinced by family to seek testing. Thier doctor was unavailable (no call service) so an urgent care center listed by the State as a testing location was contacted. Most of the official testing locations, including Howard County Gen Hospital only offered testing Mon-Fridays. It took three days to get a teleconference (prerequisite) and another day before the test was administered, then, I think, eight or nine more days before the results were known. All the while, no treatment, and the spouse who had even a higher risk factor was the care-taker with a strong aversion to distancing from thier spouse. My conclusion: timely testing of at risk persons is not at all taken seriously.

  10. I went to the Savage location on the 8th and have yet to receive my results. I called this morning and they told me that on the 9th they realized tests were taking too long and came to some sort of agreement with the lab to prioritize new tests. She basically told me that if I had gotten it done after the 9th I would have my results already. I just don’t understand how they couldn’t prioritize the tests already done. It’s ridiculous that tests done after mine (and yours) would be back already. They just let ours get lost in the shuffle. In fact, she said that today they were getting results back from people who got tested on the 17th! If they can speed up test results for new tests, then they should have done the same with the back log. Luckily I didn’t have symptoms and was doing it more as a pre-cautionary measure, but waiting this long for results in pointless!

  11. I was tested on 7/14 at the Columbia VEIP Station and as of today have no results. I have sent an inquiry to LabCorp with no response as of yet. So a far different result than others being tested at the same location.

  12. I was tested August 6 at Merriweather Post (FirstCall Urgent Care) and have not received any results as of today, August 17. Initially I got tested as a precaution because of a couple of mild symptoms I was experiencing at the time. Symptoms are long gone, but still no results. Haven’t received any follow up information (regarding delay) from FirstCall either.

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