The Howard County Education Association posted the following tonight: “We’re so proud of our educator-endorsed candidates for taking a stand together. #safenotsilenced #asafewayforward #hcea Antonia Watts for HCPSS Board of Education Jolene Mosley for Howard County Board of Education Cindy Vaillancourt for HoCo BOE”

Here is the full document:

So…some of those candidate have reposted this post.

One has to ask (one being me)…are these candidates now running together? That seems to be a legit question today.

I do not disagree with their statement…but I asked the following tonight on social media:

I hope to get an answer in some way, shape or form. May not happen but I asked it.

Look…every candidate for office gets to have their opinions on topics. They can run together or not. That is not ever my thing…but given this joint statement…it seemed worth asking.

What are your thoughts?