Howard County Executive Calvin Ball released the following information on Facebook:

While we have surpassed our goal of testing a minimum of 10% of Howard County residents, it’s vital that residents continue to get tested so we can track the spread of COVID-19.

If you have attended any large gatherings, are working in close proximity with others, live with older adult relatives or anyone who is in a vulnerable population, are pregnant, or you have underlying health conditions, please get tested as soon as possible. Remember that you may need to get retested if you have experienced a change in your circumstance.

We have several locations across our county where residents can easily get tested for COVID-19. If you have trouble receiving a test, please call the Howard County Health Department Coronavirus Information line at (410) 313-6284.



This is my favorite listing of locations that I have seen to date. It is complete with everything you need to know about getting tested.

Sometimes if you ask for something you do get it. A big thank you to our County Executive and the Howard County Health Department for putting this information out to the community.

Scott E