Regular readers of this blog know I went through the COVID-19 testing process on July 7th. I took the test in order to document the process at the new drive through location in Savage and to be safe (no…I do not have any symptoms but thought it would be good to be tested to make sure I am not asymptotic…something I thought might be a good thing given some of the work I do in the community).

It is now the morning of July 13th and I have not heard a thing about my test results. So I am on day 6 with no word. No email…no phone call…no anything about my results.

I have a family member that took their test at CVS in Howard County on the afternoon of July 6th. They have also not heard back about their results (no email, no phone call and no update in the CVS app they have to check the status of their testing results). So they are on day 7 today.

Even the Howard County Health Department lists this on their COVID-19 testing page under “For Drive-thru Testing at the Columbia VEIP Site“: “Due to expanded testing nationwide and resulting delays, patients can expect results to take 7-10 days. The location where you received your test (or your medical provider) will contact you with your test results”.

As soon as my results come in (as well as my family members results) I will have a follow up article about how that goes…how we are contacted and the total time it took to get the results. I think that will be good information for the community.


Today I thought I would put this out to document the fact that there is a good chance it will take a while before you get your results back if you go get tested today…something that we should all know.

Hopefully the nation, state and county can work with companies in order to make this process quicker…because a week or more in order to know your results is not optimal (my opinion).

Scott E


  1. I had a test at the Fulton urgent care on the 28th and got my results on the 5th. They also did a rapid test, but I was reading that it’s a coin flip if it’ll catch an a symptomatic case :-/

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